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How I Get the Look of Professional Manicures in Under $8 and 15 minutes.

Guys, I love pretty nails like the next girl, but I can’t justify spending $40-$50 on manicure and fills every two to three weeks. I tried it a few times, but to be honest, I find it more of a waste of money and time than anything. I’m also very hard on my nails. They’re constantly typing away on a keyboard, throwing baseballs with my boys or, in water from cooking to washing dishes, so I find that my nails get chipped and lifted a lot faster than the promised bi-weekly upkeep.

OK, let me be fully honest here, the biggest reason I can’t do manicures is also because my OCD kicks in on overdrive when I see my new lovely set of polished nails with one or two chips out of it. Once that happens, it’s game over for my nails and me. *smirk*

Theresa Le Blog Post Review Sally Hansen Insta dri 203 Buff and Tumble

So instead, I save money and time by using Sally Hansen’s Insta Dri nail polish, and I can pick up a bottle at my local drug store for under $8. Seriously, I love this product. It’s a 3-in-1 formula, which means the base and topcoat is built in. You can literally have your nails done within 10 mins and be out the door.

Plus, my OCD is thankful for the fact that it’s also chip resistant.

The best part though – is the brush! It’s a wider application, unlike all the other nail polish brush that I’m used to seeing. This means more coverage over your nail bed and less time going over the nail! This also means that my left hand, the less dominant one, can have more control and stay within the cuticle lines more evenly.

Theresa Le Blog Post Review Sally Hansen Insta dri 203 Buff and Tumble

The product line comes in various vibrant and bold colors to soft and neutral tones to choose from. My current go-to color is 203 Buff and Tumble. I find that it’s feminine, shiny, and is the perfect taupe nude.

The color is well pigmented, and I only need one coat to get nice full coverage. It dries within 5-8 mins, and even with the amount of daily hand washing I do, I find that the polish lasts about a week. Taking the polish off is also easy too! One or two swipes with a nail polish remover soaked cotton ball, and I’m done!

So, there you have it. This is how I save hundreds of dollars on my nails in a year, and live better like Walmart says I could!

Happy not-OCD’ing over your nails! ♥️


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