Being Theresa Le About Me

About Me

Hi there, I’m glad you’re here. Let me introduce myself, I’m Theresa. I’m a mother to two brilliant teenaged boys and a wife to my best friend, who happens to be an incredible husband.  First, I’d like you to know that I’ve always found writing about myself such a huge task to accomplish, so let it be known that this about me page was tough to do. It’s a daunting task for me as I always feel like I’m a victim of impostor syndrome.  On the surface, I’m a mom, a wife, an entrepreneur, real estate agent, philanthropist, digital content creator, and did I mention I can rock a DSLR camera with both eyes closed? I am a graduate of University, with a degree in Business, specializing in Marketing & Communications. However, with all these designations I carry, the way I work through life is “I just simply do.” How I learn can be seen as unconventional by others, but I live to learn through these unconventional experiences, and once I go full throttle, I can be a dangerous gal with a “go-getter” mentality. 

As strange as it may seem, the reasons why and how I do things make up the essence of who I am. My unconventional methods of learning life lessons were never explored until now as an adult. I now realize that I can stop myself from being my own victim to this self-inflicted impostor syndrome by being aware that there is no norm and owning who I am. On top of my basic nature and temperaments, I also know that how I was nurtured, the environment that I was raised in, and my eastern and western culture conflicts thanks to my narcissistic parents all have a part in the building blocks of who I am. Therefore, I am passionately against normalizing emotional and physical abuse from Asian parents due to ancient societal traditions.  

And there’s one more thing about me that I’d like with you, I’m a highly empathic individual and thrive on emotional intelligence. Those two little tidbits are something that I only discovered about myself in adulthood, and it’s something I find pretty incredible. These natural characteristics that I have, being an empath and the ability to be powered by emotional intelligence, have gotten me into many painful issues while growing up because it was never nurtured and understood. But it’s my greatest strength that lies within these natural characteristics.

I’m a big advocate of investing in yourself, whether that be with personal growth and education, fashion, beauty, skills, emotional health, you name it! But when I was researching these particular topics, I couldn’t find just one site that offers me authenticity and genuine content of all the things I advocate about. With that, I also know that others feel this way too. This is exactly why I decided to jump completely out of my comfort zone and create this space to share with you what helps me out of my struggles, makes me feel beautiful and powerful – in hopes that I can give you a moment of reflection and inspiration! 

Here you will find real and honest stories on my personal struggles, life lessons, and self-discoveries. I’ll also offer practical life advice through my own experiences and extensive research that I’ve done that have been scientifically proven. 

I hope to bring you valuable content while I remove the limiting beliefs and patterns that inhibits me from being unapologetically and radically me!

Let’s bloom, friends. ♥️


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