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    Today was a Tough Day

    Two weeks ago Mike had the idea that we should to inject some joy in our daily lives to find daily positivity rather than worrying about the same things, go through the same routine, day in and day out. The thought was to give ourselves a chance to breathe through the daily stress. He suggested we get a puppy. Funny…

  • Being Theresa Happy Birthday So This Is 38
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    So this is 38

    It’s official, the other day (Aug 5) I turned a year older. This birthday hit me a bit differently than the other 37 birthdays. Although this birthday was super low-key, it was one of the best birthdays I’ve ever had. Why? Because I’ve already spent the year honoring and celebrating myself, and not only that, I’ve shared my self-care journey…

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    Understanding Generational Trauma

    Generational trauma is a psychological term that asserts the fact that trauma can be transferred between generations. A growing body of research suggests that trauma (like from extreme stress or starvation, among many other things) can be passed from one generation to the next. This term can be used interchangeably with intergenerational trauma, ancestral trauma, generational curses, and transgenerational trauma. On…

  • Being Theresa Compassion Fatigue within Informal Caregivers – The Cost of Caring
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    Compassion Fatigue – The Cost of Caring

    Compassion fatigue, also known as a secondary stress reaction, is a state of physical and mental exhaustion that stems from helping or wanting to help others.  It was first introduced to the health care community as a form of burnout experienced in caring professions.  However, this article aims to apply this concept and the existing model of compassion fatigue to…

  • Being Theresa Blog The Selfless “I keep making things worse" Feeling of Inadequacy
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    The Selfless “I keep making things worse” Feeling of Inadequacy

    After doing an emotional dump on my husband yesterday, then debating and dissecting it together, I felt terrible because it caused him to lose a little zest in life. Although this wasn’t a who’s right or wrong situation, I can’t help but feel responsible as it’s my personal emotions that caused him to upset as well. This wasn’t my intention…

  • Being Theresa Blog You Owe it to Yourself to Have Peace and Compassion
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    You Owe it to Yourself to Have Peace and Compassion

    I recently watched a YouTube clip where Kerwin Rae, a business and human performance specialist, spoke about his theory that the world only needs acceptance. He believes that forgiveness is a null and void standpoint and needing forgiveness only adds to the reference that something was wrong. Acceptance is taking responsibility or accountability and learning from the situation to move on.…